Everything that we have in this world has a starting point that came before the item was completed. A meal, a book, a garden, or a building, all have to be built from scratch. From a vision in the mind’s eye to seeing the finished project requires construction. When applying the work to the construction of homes and buildings, there are a number of things that factor into the day-to-day process of the job. Buildings are regularly being built up and torn down or remodeled, so there is always work to be done.

Construction work is one of the most booming businesses in today’s global economy, but there are multiple different types of construction. There are those involving real estate, large-scale, commercial, and industrial. Knowing the difference and what each one of them entails helps companies understand which option suits their needs.


The most common types of work that contractors spend their time on are commercial and residential. Commercial construction work is for business and making profits. It involves building shopping centers, manufacturing plants, and office parks. As the project gets bigger, so does the company required to build it. The scale of operations and scope of work for commercial construction is vast and requires a very high level of expertise. Conversely, residential construction primarily deals with building apartments and homes.

There are different codes and permits required for commercial construction than residential construction. Being the more advanced style of work, a commercial construction firm will need to subscribe to many compliance rules including safety issues, parking spaces, elevators, and state development plans.

When developing large properties in the industrial sector, sophisticated equipment is necessary. Cranes and other complex equipment are required to get the job done faster, safer, and accurately. There is a right tool for everything, so having this equipment makes the building process and pace move along smoother and at a faster speed than when working with the wrong tools. As all builds have a completion date to hit, having the right tool is very important. Division 9 Commercial Construction has experts with all the right tools to make your commercial property blossom into everything it needs to be. For more information, please visit www.division9inc.com.