Your roof is one of the largest parts of your home. It offers your home protection against harsh weather. Roofs are designed to last for many years, but after receiving daily punishment from the elements, eventually, it may require repair. The smallest leak can cause major damage, so roof maintenance is needed to protect your home and everything that lies within it. As with any problem, the sooner it is caught, the easier it will be to repair. If the damage is not detected, the problem will get worse and will create a larger and more expensive project.

Sometimes an issue with your roof will be small and manageable enough that you think you can fix it yourself. This is never recommended without the proper training as it is very easy to make a small problem worse if you do not know what you are doing. Division 9 is a contracting group that has locations in thirteen different states. Being expertly trained and equipped general contractors, roof repair is just one of their many areas of expertise. When it is time to repair your roof, if you want it done properly and at a fair price, Division 9 Inc. is definitely the right firm for the job.


To keep your roof in the best condition possible, there are some common problems that can be fixed before they get out of hand. Inspection is always the first place to start. A number of the most common problems can be found and easily fixed with a simple inspection. Every six months a roof should be inspected by a licensed and trained professional. Division 9 has professionals that know what to look for and will guarantee that nothing is overlooked.

A lot of the debris and damage that finds its way onto a roof comes from nearby trees. Leaves and branches are major culprits for roofing system damage. Leaves can clog gutters and drains resulting in mold growth and drainage issues. Branches can puncture the roof, creating holes that lead to leaks, that can compromise the stability of the roof. This can be managed by trimming the trees that are close to and taller than the house on a regular basis.

By keeping the trees trimmed it can prevent those leaves from getting into the gutter system, but they are not the only problem when it comes to clogged gutters. Moisture and mold can accumulate in the gutters when they are not draining properly. The mold and subsequent rust will eat away at the metal gutters and roofing material. It is important to never power wash your roof. The water pressure from a power washer can loosen tiles and cause other damage to your roof.

When it comes to roof maintenance it is wise to call Division 9 for assistance. Working on a roof has very little margin of error. Not only is the stability of the roof in jeopardy, but more importantly, so is your health. The crew at Division 9 can ensure that when inspected regularly, your roof will keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe and dry. For more information, please visit