The dreaded M word, mold, is something that no business owner wants to hear. Finding mold on your commercial property means that you have a moisture problem. Mold grows in damp conditions over time, and some forms of mold are potentially deadly. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep your employees and your customers safe from potential hazards. Division 9 Commercial Construction can fix whatever water damage your commercial building has suffered.

How to Identify Mold

Mold comes in many different shapes and colors. You will likely smell the mold before you see it. Mold has a musty smell that is easily identifiable. Once you can smell the mold, you should immediately attempt to locate the issue. Look in warm, dark spaces throughout the building. Basements or storage closets are great starting points for locating mold.

Commercial Remodels May Be Needed

Mold is a symptom of a larger issue. If mold is present, your business has a water leak present that must be fixed. Permitting a water leak to persist over a long period of time will cause major damage to your building. Division 9 Commercial Construction may have to repair the following in your building once a water leak is identified:

  • Drywall

Drywall absorbs moisture and mold. Once any mold or moisture has been found adjacent to drywall in your business, it should be replaced. There is no way to save drywall once it has been infested with mold.

  • Flooring

Some businesses have carpet as their flooring type. Wet carpeting should immediately be pulled up and replaced once a water leak is found. Division 9 Commercial Construction can replace or update your flooring during the time of your commercial remodel.

  • Plumbing

The reason for the water leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible. While the water is still leaking, there is no point in performing other repairs. Division 9 Inc. can perform every aspect of your commercial remodel to get it up to code.

  • Ceiling

There are times when a water leak is due to a leaking roof. If water is coming in through the ceiling, Division 9 Commercial Construction can replace both the roof and the ceiling tiles or drywall.

Contact us for a Free Commercial Remodel Quote

Once you identify a water leak on your business property, do not panic. Instead, call Division 9 Commercial Construction to come out and perform a commercial remodel on your property. We can perform repairs to mitigate the water damage and stop mold from forming in the future. Please call 800-991-4121 to schedule your free estimate.