5 Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

When a guest arrives at your business’s physical location, the exterior condition of the building can make or break their experience. A rundown building with obvious physical damage or an outdated look can turn them off. 

Meanwhile, a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing look can draw their attention and reflect a sense of professionalism. Whether you are building from the ground up or looking for a renovation, the expert team at Division 9 Commercial Construction has five design concepts to improve the exterior of your commercial building.

Key Ways to Improve A Building’s Exterior

1. Updated Signage 

A business’s name on signage is one of the first things a visitor looks for when approaching your building. Easy-to-read signs that are professionally designed and strategically located can make a big difference. Many businesses want their signage to reflect their branding. 

Using colors and fonts that are easy to identify is very important when considering design. Placement is equally as important. Signage should be displayed at the front of the building, on the exterior doors or windows, and well-lit.

2. Improved Lighting

A well-lit building is not only visually appealing, it helps give a sense of safety. Guests want to feel secure when visiting a building, especially at night. Lights placed throughout the parking lot, exterior walkways, signage, and entrances can help keep the building lit up. 

Adding solar and LED lights is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for exterior lighting options. Updated lighting can also include installing WiFi-monitored systems. Many smart bulbs include unique features like color-changing lights. Many businesses choose this option to help add a special ambiance to their building.

3. Landscaping and Art

Landscaping and greenery can truly transform any outdoor space. Thinking beyond basic maintenance, adding trees, florals, and plants can provide color and beauty to entries and walkways. Seasonal floral arrangements can add a pop of color, and features like water fountains or sculptures can create focal points. For businesses with the space, creating a small outdoor break area with benches or tables can be an added amenity for employees and visitors.

Opt for oversized planters when landscaping isn’t an option due to lack of space. Planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can match the overall aesthetics of your building or choose something artsy and vibrant. Many buildings also include artwork in their designs. Art can reflect your company’s culture and values, engage the community, and create a landmark presence in the area

4. Adding Accessibility 

Ensuring your building is accessible is a requirement and about supporting your customers, community, and inclusivity. Accessible buildings include handrails, ramps, wider sidewalks, and automated doors. Providing ample parking spaces with handicapped spots in close proximity to your entrance can make a major difference for someone needing assistance. 

Other design elements that can significantly impact your property include tactile paving for the visually impaired, clearly lit signs, especially for suites or multiple businesses, and braille or impaired connectivity that can connect to an individual’s smartphone.

5. Facade Renovation

If the exterior of your building is dated, a facade renovation can make a significant difference. It may involve updating the design elements, installing new cladding, or repainting with contemporary colors. In addition, it can be used to address structural concerns like insulating, weatherproofing, and even integrating smart technology for building management.

Planning to update or add new exterior features to your commercial building isn’t just a suggestion; it is a necessary part of owning your space. Property improvements such as greenery, an updated facade, handicap accessibility, and focal lighting can go a long way to attracting and maintaining customers. 

Start planning your exterior enhancements with Division 9 Commercial Construction.