Supplier Diversity

Welcome to Division 9 Commercial Construction Supplier Diversity program. Established in 2013, we actively seek diverse suppliers of products and services to meet our operational needs. One of our primary means of recruiting and identifying diverse suppliers is active participation and membership with nationally recognized advocacy groups.

The program is designed to complement our commitment to providing outstanding service to our clients and recognizing the critical role diverse suppliers have in our continued success.

Our Mission

Division 9 Commercial Construction proactively includes and manages the use of construction services and products from diverse businesses and diverse-owned independent subcontractors while adding value to our retail construction services through including diverse companies.

How do we manage Supplier Diversity?

Division 9 Commercial Construction has an established corporate commitment to include Minority-and-Women-Owned Enterprises (M/WBEs), Veteran and  Serviced Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (V/SDVBEs), Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (SDBE’s), Disability Owned Business Enterprises (DOBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/ or Transgender Business Enterprises (LGBTBEs) in our strategic procurement activities.

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity provides significant value to the business objectives of Division 9 Commercial Construction through a multi-tier value proposition including:

  • The inclusion of diverse suppliers increases competition and adds different solutions and variety to goods and services, and it also can reinvigorate communities.
  • Our commitment to Supplier Diversity gives Division 9 Commercial Construction a competitive advantage: doing business with small to medium-sized MBEs and WBEs fuels economic growth and gives local customers more disposable income to spend, resulting in greater revenue potential.
  • Supplier Diversity is an essential component of the corporate diversity strategy and collaborates with numerous external organizations that enhance the Division 9 Commercial Construction brand.

Doing Business witH
Division 9 Commercial Construction

In order to support our efforts to establish a good working relationship with all our suppliers, the Supplier Diversity Program process requires all suppliers and service providers seeking new or continued business opportunities to complete the Supplier Diversity Registration Portal for pre-qualification.

Please click on this link to begin the process.

Completing the Supplier Diversity registration will:

  • Provide an updated record for your company in our supplier database
  • Provide an updated record of your company’s certification status
  • Support our efforts to identify current suppliers as possible resources for second-tier opportunities
  • Expedite the review of your company’s products/services and capabilities

The Supplier Diversity registration should be completed and accompanied with the following information when it is submitted:

  • Current diverse supplier certificates or letters of certifications
  • Sales catalog or company brochure
  • Product profile
  • Capability statement

Division 9 Commercial Construction strives to provide opportunities to all qualified suppliers. This process was designed to create and promote fair and equal opportunity for all. Completion and submission of the registration does not entitle any company to an opportunity with Division 9 Commercial Construction.

Business Tier Definitions

Direct Purchases

A supplier that provides products and services which are used to support the prime’s requirements.

First Tier

A first-tier supplier is a supplier that provides the products/services and invoices to the prime for goods and services rendered directly by that supplier.

Indirect Purchases

A supplier that provides products and services which support a company’s overall operation.


A corporation or entity that provides products and services to an end-user customer.

The product or service is typically in its final value-added configuration. In most instances, the corporation is the lead entity in the value chain.

Second Tier

A second-tier supplier is a supplier that provides the products/services and invoices to the first-tier supplier for goods and services rendered.

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