Construct a Steel Commercial Building

Constructing a new commercial building is easier when you decide to go with steel framing. Traditional construction uses wood as the shell for the building. The outside can be fitted with vinyl or brick, depending on your preference. Division 9 Commercial Construction has skilled contractors available to make your commercial renovations using either steel or wood. However, building your commercial space using metal or steel gives you several additional advantages over using wood:

Faster Construction Times

The parts for steel buildings are fabricated off-site and shipped on-site ready to assemble. You do not have to build the wood frame structure required for traditional buildings. This will shave off a significant amount of time for your commercial remodel. Once the steel shell is assembled, steel buildings are also easier to customize on the inside. You do not have to consider the same structural worries as in wood construction. You can customize walls or rooms without needing structural support columns.


Steel commercial buildings are significantly cheaper than wood buildings to build. Wood can cost $20 – $35 per sq. ft. to build, which does not include the total lifetime upkeep cost. Wood may be ruined by termites, water damage, or succumb to old age faster than steel. On the other hand, steel costs approximately $19 – $25 per sq. ft. to build. Steel buildings require little to no upkeep through the years and will last much longer than wood buildings. Division 9 Commercial Construction has competitive rates on both wood and steel construction.

Safer for Your Business

Using steel framework is much safer because the threat of fire is greatly diminished. Wood framing is flammable, whereas steel is fire-resistant. Steel is also stronger than wood. It offers greater protection from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. High winds will have a much lower likelihood of warping steel framing, whereas they can significantly damage a wooden building.

If you are adding onto your commercial property or building from scratch, steel framework has several advantages. Using steel over wood can save you time and money during the building process. Call Division 9 at 800-991-4121 to speak to a licensed contractor at our office to receive a free estimate. We can price out both a wood and steel building for you and offer professional guidance on the best building material for your job.