Designing a Budget

Hiring a contractor can be a daunting and tiresome task. There are thousands of companies advertising remodeling services, but not all are qualified. There are also contractors that advertise daily that don’t have insurance coverage if something goes wrong.  That is a situation that no one wants to find themselves in. Finding a company you can hire with confidence and assurance is a must but is not as difficult a task as it might seem.

The well-trained professionals at Division 9 have over thirty years of experience and acquired knowledge that is unmatched by their competitors. They have the expertise needed to see your vision through safely to completion. Division 9 Contracting Group makes choosing a contractor easy. Then you can focus your project concerns on designing your budget.

Taking your home or design to the next level increases the value every time a quality job is completed. The trick is to maximize that value while minimizing the cost. A common renovation done to existing homes that is guaranteed to significantly increase the value of a home is finishing a basement.

If you have an unfinished basement, your home has untapped potential. The basement is a blank canvas that is generally large enough to contain your wildest dreams and can be a simple way to add square footage to your home. The type of room you want to design is the first step in creating your budget. A pool room is a much different project than a basement apartment, so make sure your budget is realistic for the project you will be undertaking. Where you live plays a big role in your budget, so it is important to do research on the average costs of completing your vision in the area that you live.

Continuing with the basement idea, flooring is going to be one of your bigger ticket items. Frequently the floor will have to be resurfaced or replaced. The cost varies depending on what type of flooring you want, and whether the floor requires leveling or not. Wallcoverings are another of the more expensive components of your renovation. As most basement walls are underground, moisture needs to be addressed. About 15% of the budget will go toward flooring and wall coverings.

Electricity, plumbing, and carpentry is going to take up another 10-15% of your budget. This is where the type of room comes back into play. If water features will be required, they need to be worked into your plumbing and electrical budget. The remaining cost mostly goes toward painting, insulating, and furnishing your basement.

Every project will have a different “reasonable” budget. Sometimes it makes better sense to save for another 6 months, instead of rushing into your project and receiving the subpar work that you could afford. The staff at Division 9 pride themselves in always exceeding their client’s expectations. They are skilled when it comes to stretching a budget and are never done until you are satisfied. For more information or questions regarding your budget, please visit