Easy Access for ALL

There is no getting around it. People with disabilities have a much more difficult time getting around than other folks. This is not an opinion; it is a simple fact. Over the years businesses and federal buildings had to ensure that the building has easy access for all. There are some exemptions to that rule, so it is important to know where your building falls in the ADA Guidelines.

Ramps and railings are the things that everyone sees, but what exactly goes into making a building truly accessible to everyone? The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was signed into law in 1990, and was designed to ensure that there was no discrimination against people with disabilities in the areas of employment, transportation, public accommodations, communication, and access to state and local government programs and services.

ADA Standards

The ADA provides the guidelines for each type of building and the remodeling or renovation of said buildings. Division 9 Commercial Construction has experts that know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your building is ADA-compliant.

Meeting ADA standards is a much more difficult task when remodeling than it is when constructing a new building. Thus it requires an expert who thoroughly knows the ADA guidelines. There may be barriers that need to be torn down, with many more guidelines and details that can get confusing. The experts at Division 9 have over 35 years of combined experience and will work with you to make all of the hard decisions that need to be made. When Division 9 does your remodel, you can be certain that it was done to ADA standards. 

By renovating your building or store to meet ADA standards, you are opening the door to everyone, and by doing so, you display the values of integrity, diligence, and acceptance. The ADA helps you ensure that your business is accessible to everyone, which opens up the doors to new clientele. For more information, or if you have any questions about ADA standards, please visit www.division9inc.com.