Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Commercial Buildings

Normally most retail businesses run on a lean profit margin. Losing precious profits to lost energy costs is detrimental to your bottom line. Commercial buildings are found to waste up to 30% of their generated energy. Performing energy efficiency updates to your commercial building is an easy way to save money on your monthly electric bills. Division 9 Commercial Construction is a commercial contractor available to perform efficiency upgrades to retail locations. Our contractors can make recommendations on efficiency upgrades that would work best for your location.

Top 4 Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Division 9 Commercial Construction can perform energy efficiency upgrades with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. The top 4 most common energy efficiency upgrades that we perform include:

  • HVAC Upgrades

An older HVAC system will struggle to meet the requirements of your commercial building. It may run 24/7 without a chance to power down. Older HVAC systems are also not as energy efficient as the newer ones on the market. Consider spending money up-front on a new Energy Star HVAC system to see a major reduction in your energy costs.

  • Install Solar Panels

Solar panels have a high upfront cost but pay for themselves over time. It takes approximately 8 years for a solar panel system to pay itself off. There are several government rebates available for businesses that install solar panels as well. Solar panels are also a great way to show your customer base that you are going green and care about the environment.

  • Install Motion Sensors

Motion-sensor lights toggle on only when they sense movement in a room. This will greatly reduce the electric costs in a retail location. It also allows your customers and employees to go hands-free instead of physically touching a light switch.

  • Upgrading to Energy Efficient Lights

Energy-efficient light fixtures and light bulbs have a longer life span than traditional lights and they also use a fraction of the electricity. Customers are interested in shopping at retail businesses that negate their carbon footprint. Switching to LED light bulbs is an easy way to show your customers that your business is going green while saving you money on your electric bill!

Division 9 Commercial Construction is experienced in performing energy efficiency upgrades to commercial locations. We can work around your business schedule so that we do not impede on your day-to-day operations. We can work in the off-hours or on weekends when you do not have customers present. Please contact our office at 800-991-4121 to inquire about commercial renovations.