Pre-Construction Services

There are several steps involved in commercial construction. With everything that needs to be planned and executed, it is important to know exactly what needs to be done as part of the pre-construction process. When planning and designing a project it is crucial that you are partnered with a contractor that not only knows everything that needs to be addressed from start to finish, but how to do so while bringing your vision to life.

Division 9 Commercial Contractors are experienced contractors that have the confidence and knowledge to put your project together from Phase One until the job is done. Division 9 knows exactly what needs to be done as part of the pre-construction process to ensure that the rest of the project comes together smoothly.

Pre-construction services are part of the planning process that prepare the build for success.  From ironing out budgeting details to meeting all required regulations, pre-construction is the true foundation of any project, starting with creating a project model.

A project model can be built and executed through software that goes through the entire design of the building in 3D. Seeing all dimensions of the project before breaking ground allows the client to see their vision clearly constructed in a virtual model that depicts the completed project. This first stage of pre-construction is important for the client and contractor to see what works and what does not.  This allows for any concerning issues to be addressed before they can cause a problem.

Budgeting is a huge part of the pre-construction process for obvious reasons. To create the budget, you must first determine the real-life cost of the project. Cost factors like labor, materials, equipment, permits, and subcontractors are all going to factor into the overall budget. By addressing any budget and cost concerns at the inception of the project, the client can look at different variables in the design that may be able to be adjusted to meet budget requirements.

When working with Division 9 Commercial Contractors, you know that you have a team that will address the scheduling of subcontractors, obtaining permits, and securing a supply chain that will provide the best materials at the best price. Only the most skilled commercial contractors know how to work with the best supply companies to get the best prices. By working with Division 9, you have a partner with decades of experience and knowledge in setting up a cost-effective project from day one that will run smoothly through completion. For more information, please visit