ADA Compliance in Apartment Buildings

As the owner of an older apartment complex, you may be wondering if you are in compliance with current ADA regulations. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act which prevents discrimination against people with disabilities across several areas. Prior to calling Division 9 Commercial Construction to make ADA alterations to your property, you should understand when you are required to comply with ADA regulations.

Buildings Built Prior to 1991

If your apartment complex has been built prior to March 13, 1991, you do not have to renovate the building to meet current ADA regulations. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) only applies to any building with 4 or more apartments that was built after March 13th, 1991. However, if your apartment complex does not meet ADA regulations and it was built after this date, you should contact Division 9 Commercial Construction We have licensed contractors available to perform ADA alterations to your apartment complex.

New Construction

Although your apartment building may have been built prior to March 13, 1991, you may still have to comply with ADA guidelines if you perform a major renovation. You will also have to be ADA compliant if you build an addition onto your apartment complex. In both scenarios, we can provide your company with the lowest cost options for maintaining ADA compliance. Our contractors are well versed in ADA compliance when performing commercial construction.

Reasonable Accommodations for Tenants

As a landlord, even if your apartment complex was built prior to March 13, 1991, you are still required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled tenants. These accommodations may include installing a ramp to access the apartment building or installing grab bars in the bathroom. You may also be asked to provide a designated parking space for disabled individuals or allow a service animal on the property in an otherwise pet-free facility.

You must promptly respond to any ADA accommodation requests by your tenants. You may receive a fine if you ignore or postpone an ADA accommodation request. You are not legally allowed to ask tenants about any disabilities during the tenant application process. This is prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Division 9 Commercial Construction has licensed contractors available anytime to perform your ADA alterations within a short time span. Call our office at 800-991-4121 to speak to one of our representatives to schedule an appointment.