General Contractor for Commercial Renovations in the Atlanta Area

One of Atlanta’s premier commercial construction firms, Division 9 Construction can meet any client’s construction needs. The firm’s experience in the commercial building means it can transform your dream into reality. With a history of nearly 20 years in the Atlanta area, we are uniquely qualified to complete your project. You can trust its expertise to deliver a high-quality, custom-designed space.

Our Company

Division 9 is an Atlanta-based general contractor that specializes in large-scale renovations, healthcare, hospitality, and special projects. They have delivered more than fourteen million square feet of commercial space and have the resources to handle any size project.

In the Atlanta area, Division 9 has been a leading provider of commercial construction and renovation services. The company also serves the retail, restaurant, and education markets. We promise to complete a project on time and within budget. Whether you need a brand-new restaurant in the area or a full-scale office renovation, this firm has the expertise to handle the job.

During the renovation process, your building will undergo numerous inspections. You’ll need to ensure that your building’s foundation, electrical system, and plumbing system are all safe and code compliant. You’ll also need to have a project punch list for your project. These lists will let you know what needs to be done after the renovation is finished. You’ll want to make sure you have a well-rounded office, so it’s vital to find a commercial construction company that will handle every aspect of your office.

Hiring a commercial construction company is essential for the renovation process. They have the expertise to make your project successful. By hiring a specialized Atlanta company, you can rest assured that the team will provide the best quality service for your money. This company’s mission is to make your business thrive by delivering the highest quality work and to provide you with an excellent environment that will enhance your bottom line and boost your reputation.

When working with Division 9 Commercial Contractors you will have the confidence that your project will be completed with a sense of pride and responsibility. For more information, please visit