Boost Your Retail Sales with a Store Renovation

Being complacent with your business could be impacting your sales. Sometimes, a visual update is all your business needs to get out of a rut. The aesthetics of your business can make or break a sale because first impressions matter. A storefront with an outdated color scheme or peeling paint will do more harm than good. Breathe life back into your business by having Division 9 Commercial Construction perform a commercial store renovation.

Why Perform a Commercial Remodel?

Your business will look more attractive to customers, and you will also increase the property value. A commercial property with a fresh coat of paint or updated windows/doors has a greater curb appeal. Curb appeal is a huge selling factor if you plan to find a buyer for your commercial property. A property with curb appeal will sell for an average of 5 – 11% more than a comparable property without curb appeal.

Color Choices Matter

Color choices do matter when you are considering renovating your retail location. The color of the walls, both inside and outside your storefront, will subconsciously impact customers. For example, red is known to trigger customers to action. Red is the color of excitement, so using this color around your checkout registers or slow-selling items may entice customers to make an impulse buy. If red does not work with your brand aesthetic, there are other colors with commonly known customer effects:

  • Green – Green is associated with the outdoors and tranquility. Using green throughout your storefront creates a calming effect for customers.
  • Orange – Orange and brown hues spark happiness and enthusiasm. These warm colors will reassure your customers as they shop.
  • Yellow – A bright and bold yellow will immediately stand out to customers. Use this color to garner a client’s attention to a particular area, like your storefront!

Division 9 Commercial Construction has access to the latest trendy color schemes for commercial renovations. Our experienced contractors can provide a free estimate for any commercial renovation. From complete store overhauls to minor updates, our licensed contractors can handle it all. Please contact our office at (770) 919-9941 to speak with one of our representatives.