Pitfalls to Avoid with ADA Renovations in Retail Spaces

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) must be taken into consideration prior to starting construction. A business that does not follow ADA guidelines is subject to penalties and poor public opinion. Excluding a certain subset of your clientele could mean missed sales opportunities and high fines. Division 9 Commercial Construction has a team of commercial contractors that are experienced with ADA renovations in retail spaces.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

If your building was built prior to 1991, you are excluded from complying with the current ADA standard. However, any additions or major renovations that are conducted in your retail space could be subject to following current ADA guidelines. Division 9 Commercial Construction can help you navigate the ADA requirements. Our contractors are experts in recognizing when a commercial renovation falls under ADA guidelines. If your retail building will be undergoing a commercial renovation, avoid these common issues:

1. Limited Access from Public Sidewalks

Under the current ADA guidelines, retail businesses must have an accessible route from the public sidewalk. There are specific slopes and dimensions that must be followed along this route, otherwise you are subject to fines.

2. Lack of Parking

ADA parking spaces have strict identification, slope, and size requirements that must be followed. While you are having a commercial remodel done, it only takes Division 9 Commercial Construction a short time to create ADA-compliant parking spaces. Making the necessary spaces upfront is cheaper than paying a costly fine down the road.

3. Non-compliant Bathrooms

Bathrooms are tricky to get right because they are heavily regulated. For example, a toilet stall must be 17 – 19 inches off the floor and 16 – 18 inches from the wall. There are guidelines that must be followed for soap dispensers, sink locations, mirror heights, and door handles. Failing to meet any one of these regulations can result in a fine. Following these guidelines is easy when using a contractor like Division 9 Commercial Construction. We are well versed in following ADA guidelines and can assist you in the proper layout for a public bathroom.

Contact our Division 9 Commercial Construction office at (770) 919-9941 to schedule a free consultation. Our licensed contractors can provide an estimate to ensure that you are up to par on the latest ADA guidelines.