Buildings with a Purpose, Part 1

Commercial Construction encapsulates any buildings that are designed for the purpose of making money, but that does not narrow it down a lot. If you really want to get down to it, someone’s home can be looked at as a building used to make money. But that makes the category of commercial structures even wider. To narrow down the different types of structures that can fall under the umbrella of commercial construction, one would need to look at all of the different types of buildings and what must be contained within those four walls in order for that building to successfully house a money-making operation.

Even though the type of project that is undertaken can vary among the array of the different clientele that seeks to build a particular commercial structure, certain aspects of those jobs will be similar. However, knowledge of the little nuances that make a space ideal for a restaurant and why those same nuances would not be good for an insurance agency should be expected when choosing a commercial contractor.

The Professionals

The well-trained master contractors at Division 9 Commercial Construction have years of experience and education which will give any project manager the confidence that they have hired the right firm.

There is not a specific listing of the different buildings that are built by commercial construction companies, but there are a few major categories that can be broken down. Grocery and retail stores will be frequented by customers on a regular basis, so the overall layout of the building will be designed with a more fluid and natural flow that focuses on movement throughout the space. Retail spaces will be more concerned with the look and feel inside the store while a grocery store will be more focused on functionality. Both buildings may have the same general building design, with different use of space and purpose.

Restaurants require a kitchen and receiving areas, which require completely different fixtures and functionality than the front of the house. For individual establishments, coming up with a unique or innovative approach can make a huge difference when it comes to construction, whereas a chain restaurant is going to have its own look that they want to be continued from one building to the next. For more educational information about different commercial projects, please see Part 2 of this entry at