Buildings with a Purpose, Part 2

Commercial Contractors are general contractors who have experience and specialize in commercial construction for businesses. The commercial contractor will need to have excellent working relationships with the various sub-contractors required for the job. As a client, the job of the commercial contractor is to make your job easier by ensuring you that they have expertise in all facets of construction. The other thing they can do is to suggest and or hire the various specialists required to complete the project. The professionals at Division 9 Commercial Contractors are well versed in all facets of commercial contracting, including what type of building is most beneficial to the client’s business.

There are many categories of commercial construction. Lodging facilities focus on the hotel and motel industry, an industry that focuses on issues like ease of access as well as the level of comfort and privacy for guests. Some motel construction projects can be very basic, while massive hotels demand an experienced and more nuanced hand. One of the unique facets of building a motel or hotel is soundproofing. Knowing that the ability to enjoy peace and quiet can be integral to repeat business, this type of build can benefit from someone with a background and experience in sound-proof design. No one wants to stay someplace where you can hear everything going on next door.

Commercial Contractors

The scope of office buildings can range from functional facilities for a small firm to skyscrapers for a major corporation. Skyscrapers tend to house multiple businesses within their vast frameworks, all with own specific needs. This can complicate the build because the contractor could be put in the position where there is no basic design template. Each business will have its own needs and personality that need to be accounted for, so a simple cookie-cutter floor plan will not work. At the same time, construction necessities like bathrooms and fire escapes, require their own standards and specifics.

Companies that manufacture items on a daily basis need facilities to house machines or equipment, storage areas, and other functions. Facilities like these often have high ceilings, as well as specific requirements for health and safety. If you add this mentality to an office building, you basically get a hospital. In addition to the higher ceilings, medical facilities need construction that factors in easy movement for personnel and patients while also making room life-saving equipment and patient rooms.

Lastly, massive stadiums and smaller facilities for high schools, fitness centers and other playing areas fall in the same category. hese structures often need to include aspects like bleachers or other pertinent items in the overall project, while also taking the need for visitor safety seriously. Team facilities with locker rooms with showers, training and medical rooms, and concessions must all be taken into account.

No matter what type of project you have coming up, Division 9 Commercial Contractors have trained professionals with years of experience who have “been there, done that” in the world of commercial construction.  For any questions, please visit