Commercial Flooring Options

Retail locations have an immense amount of foot traffic daily. This foot traffic slowly wears down a floor over time. Commercial establishments require a more robust flooring option than one installed in a residential area. Typical laminate or vinyl will not suffice for commercial operations. Thankfully, Division 9 Inc. has identified several commercial flooring options best for high-traffic areas. We can quickly install a new floor in your building with minimal disruption to your business.

Commercial Flooring Options

When choosing flooring, location is one of the most significant factors in selecting a material. For example, a warehouse will have ideal flooring options from a commercial kitchen. The base options you must choose from are:


A concrete floor comes either polished or stained. A polished concrete floor has no additional colors, or additives added. A stained concrete floor is often made to mimic other flooring options, such as marble or stone. Concrete can be stained to match just about any aesthetic. Stained concrete costs more than polished concrete, but it has excellent visual appeal. Concrete is a great flooring option because it does not fade, chip, or crack over time.


Another popular option for commercial businesses is an epoxy floor. Epoxy is poured over the top of an existing base, such as concrete, and is available in various colors and patterns. Epoxy floors are incredibly durable and resistant to chemicals and solvents. Epoxy floors are set quickly, so there is minimal disruption to your business. Our technicians at Division 9 Inc. have experience working around the hours of your business to get our work finished during hours when customers are not present.

Vinyl or Laminate

Both flooring options are best suited for office environments rather than warehouse operations. Vinyl and laminate may fade over time and degrade faster in high-traffic areas. However, they are cost-effective flooring options to install that can mimic the floor of hardwood or stone.


Although carpet is popular in office settings, it is not our recommended flooring choice. Carpet is easily stained and can mildew or mold if exposed to wet conditions. It is not as durable as the other flooring options discussed above.

Division 9 Inc. has experience installing all flooring types in commercial businesses. We can work around your schedule to complete the installation with minimal hassle. Call our office at 770-919-9941 to schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians.