Dodging Delays

When putting together a commercial construction project, delays are part of the process. Commercial projects require a lot of different moving parts to come together as one, and if any one of these pieces does not fit in properly, costly delays may be incurred.

Division 9 Commercial Contractors is a group of highly trained professionals with decades of experience and the knowledge and infrastructure required to finish a project on time and on or under budget. Delays in commercial projects place unnecessary time constraints and financial burdens on developers, but they can be avoided, and Division 9 knows exactly what to look for and avoid.

As with any business, ineffective management can cause a project to go off the rails very quickly. Commercial contractors thrive when they have mastered the ins and outs of building codes and safety regulations. When working with contractors that do not have this technical and experiential knowledge, scheduling gaps can occur. When these gaps occur, overlapping problems will appear, and like a set of dominos, one by one, everything may fall apart.

If an electrician cannot get in because the plumber is not finished, then the drywall and sheetrock guys get delayed, which means the painters cannot get in on time, and so on. One delay begets another, and suddenly you are months behind schedule, and thousands of dollars have been lost. When working with an experienced partner like Division 9, you do not have to worry about scheduling overlaps. The decades of experience in managing commercial builds that Division 9 has will ensure that scheduling gaps will not occur. The dominos cannot be knocked down if they are not on the table.

Design flaws can also lead to significant issues on the job site. This is where pre-construction systems need to be in place. Working with Division 9, you will go over all aspects of the build and the design well before breaking ground. Design and execution go hand in hand. When design flaws are not corrected on the drawing board, they can lead to massive delays and unnecessary costs. Design flaws can lead to rebuilds and removal of parts of the projects. All of this could have been avoided with a meeting and an eraser during pre-construction.

Essentially, ineffective management can cause delays in every aspect of the project. In addition to scheduling and build issues, poor management of the workforce can cause delays. If they are not scheduled or trained properly, the entire project could be in jeopardy. It does not matter how perfect your pre-construction process is. If you do not have the proper people to do the job, and the proper staff to ensure that people are doing what they are supposed to, the job will not get done. This all starts and ends with management.

The professionals at Division 9 are dedicated to seeing a build through from conception to completion and they use a hundred years of combined experience to delay any possible delays until the job is done. For more information, please visit