Universal Design – Part 2

Division 9 is a group of professional, qualified contractors who pride themselves on being more than capable in all areas of construction and design. As the popularity of universal design increases, the number of age-in-place design experts grows with it. While many contractors are always playing catch-up with fresh trends in structural design, the experts at Division 9 have master craftsmen across the country who have not just mastered the trends, they set the trends. When designing a universal home there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure that your home is as functional and accessible as possible.

When it comes to maneuvering around the home, providing ramps and wide doorways and walkways is just the beginning. Routes both to and from, and throughout the home should be well lit both during the day and at night. By utilizing as much space as possible for windows and skylights, can ensure that the home has as much natural light as possible. When trying to add natural lighting to an existing home, you should perform multiple walkthroughs of various daily activities throughout the home to see where additional lighting is most needed.

For the nighttime, there is a wide variety of outdoor and indoor timed lights for pathways and hallways that will automatically turn themselves on when activated by a motion detector or when ambient light dims. By placing automatic lights throughout the home and property, you will never have to worry about fumbling for a light switch.

Technology is constantly changing and automatic lights are not the only way that today’s technology can be implemented into your universal designs. Technology can be used to make every aspect of daily life easier. Nearly every electric device in the world can be controlled by a Smart Phone today. A number of these devices have multiple functions that can be remotely controlled, which will decrease the number of devices and gadgets that are scattered throughout the home.

Phones, intercoms, locks, thermostats, home entertainment components, and more can be controlled even when you are not at home. This not only makes life more convenient but also play a pivotal role in home security. In addition to making the home safer from unwanted visitors, there are a number of devices that can be used to keep your loved ones safe while they are home alone. Monitoring devices can be implemented into your universal design needs that can help monitor the older inhabitants of the home. These devices can alert someone when your loved one falls or is need of medical assistance.

The different benefits of universal design are endless and growing every day. If you want a contractor that is well versed in all of the ways that universal design can be used to optimize the safety and comfort of those you love, there are none better than the experts at Division 9. For more information or to set up a consultation, please visit www.division9inc.com.