How to Tell When It’s Time to Remodel Your Office Space

Commercial remodeling is a 45 billion-dollar industry.1  If you have a customer-facing business or still have in-office workers, the look and feel of your office can change the customer and worker dynamic. Is your office a fun and inviting space with natural lighting, modern decor, and functioning fixtures, or does it look like a scene from a drab 90s sitcom? If you had to think about it, it needs remodeling.

The vibe of your office is one of many reasons to make changes. The Division 9 Commercial Construction team prepared a list of common things to consider when deciding if a remodel is right for your office.

Does your office have room to grow?

In the last several years, businesses of all industries started to lean towards a more open-concept floor plan. This concept can help companies to accommodate rapid employee growth more easily than closed-off offices. Employees wanted to feel less crammed in an enclosed office and closer to their coworkers. The open concept plan also started to include common areas. In the mid-2000s, when tech giants showed off their fun and employee-focused spaces, it sparked a wave of thinking about mental health in the workplace. By adding lounge areas, gaming centers, and community thinking areas, companies created a more positive vibe that increased productivity and positivity. Plus, it looks really cool to clients. 

Accommodating office growth also helps in the case of social distancing. Medical offices still practice safety guidelines for patients and staff. Older offices may need larger rooms where staff can safely interact with patients, especially if a family member or assistant is required. Older waiting rooms can be smaller with less opportunity for safe distancing. 

Boost employee morale with an updated space.

In the previous example, common areas may want to include fun elements for employees. But, entertaining spaces are only some of what gives employees a positive experience. Studies show happy employees are more productive. Offices designed with the employees in mind provide them with a sense of security and purpose. Common updates that make employees happy include using sustainable materials, ergonomic furniture, updated bathrooms, and more pleasant decor. 

Does your office design match your company image?

Does your office make a good first impression? Company branding and image are very important to customers. It has a negative prescription if you are a fun and vibrant brand but your office is dark and drab. If your office is open to customers daily, ensuring your space is inviting is very important. If a customer walks into a law firm, the last thing they want to see is crowded, messy file cabinets. It may reflect that they need to be more organized. Adding new shelving or creating a new storage space can help organize your space and clear clutter.

If you are a marketing agency and need that wow factor in your office, a boring office can lack that wow factor clients desire. It is common for agencies to display their prized winning work. Stunning visuals can help set a creative vibe for clients and employees. Open-concept floor plans, lighting systems, and wall features are creative ways to update your office.

Is your office prepared for the future?

The longer you put off an office remodel, the more it can cost you. Older designs and buildings may need more efficient HVAC systems or natural lighting. Remodeling to include efficient windows or sustainable lighting can save big money. The average lifecycle of an office design is ten years. Design trends change rapidly. You can fall behind your competitors and turn away customers and employees with an outdated look; it shows a business may be unwilling to invest in necessary improvements. An office remodel also can give the perception a business plans to stay alive for the long haul.

If any of these points stand out to you, it may be time to remodel your office. Division 9 Commercial Construction is here to help give your office the updates it needs for your customers and employees; contact us today to learn more about our remodeling services.