Making a Long-Term Plan for ADA Alterations to a Commercial Business

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This act outlaws discrimination by businesses against individuals with disabilities. As a business owner, this act is very important to comply with because non-compliance could result in hefty fines. However, not all businesses must comply with ADA guidelines.

When you are ready to develop a long-term plan for making your business compliant with current ADA guidelines, contact Division 9 Commercial Construction. We specialize in ADA alterations for commercial businesses or apartment complexes.

When are ADA Alterations Required?

Any public buildings constructed after January 26, 1992 are not required to make modifications to meet the current ADA standards. However, this changes quickly when you begin a remodeling or other construction project. Any major modifications to an existing structure must meet current ADA standards, even if the rest of the structure does not. Division 9 Commercial Construction can provide recommendations on the best way to meet ADA standards during a business remodel.

Making a Long-Term ADA Alterations Plan

Even though ADA alterations may not be required by law, as a business owner you can opt to make these alterations regardless. Complying with ADA alterations may result in additional business from disabled individuals, which would negate any cost spent on the alterations. Our contractors at Division 9 Commercial Construction can assist in developing a long-term plan to bring your building into ADA compliance.

Some alterations, such as providing a ramp for disabled individuals to enter your business, may not be feasible depending on the location of your entrance. However, making ADA alterations to the restrooms may be something that you could work on immediately. The most important alterations involve customers with disabilities being able to enter your store and make their way around your shop. These alterations should take priority if at all possible.

Contact Division 9 Commercial Construction for ADA Alterations to a Commercial Business

Division 9 Commercial Construction specializes in ADA alterations, and we can assist with recommending the best way to bring your business into ADA compliance. Our contractors can quickly perform the work to minimally disrupt your day-to-day operations. Contact our office at 800-991-4121 to receive a free quote on ADA alterations.