Trust Our Subcontractors with Your Commercial Remodel

Remodeling your business can be stressful. Keeping daily operations running smoothly amid a remodel is difficult for a business owner. Customers may complain about the noise or reduced inventory, or your staff may feel stressed not having full access to the entire business. Division 9 Commercial Construction is here to help make your business remodel go as smoothly as possible. We partner with only the best subcontractors to finish your commercial remodel quickly and efficiently.

What are Subcontractors?

Rather than being a jack of all trades and master of none, our contractors focus on their specific specialties to ensure that you are getting the best possible work completed. If we need to locate a contractor to complete a specialized process of the commercial remodel, such as plumbing or electrical work, Division 9 Commercial Construction will always hire a licensed subcontractor. Plumbing or electrical work requires specific licenses through the federal or state government.

When a subcontractor is hired by Division 9 Commercial Construction, we handle everything from their scheduling to ensuring they are correctly licensed. You do not have to worry about any step in the process that involves a subcontractor.

Always Licensed and Insured

Some fly-by-night commercial construction firms allow their contractors to operate without a license. This is never accepted at Division 9 Commercial Construction. We only work with licensed and insured contractors. To perform general contracting work, a license must be obtained from the federal or state agency. Without this license, a contractor is not permitted to apply for insurance.

Allowing an uninsured contractor on your property is dangerous because if anything were to occur during the remodeling process, you could be held liable. If something happens to an insured contractor, the contractor’s insurance will cover the accident. Division 9 Commercial Construction only works with insured contractors, so you never have to worry about unlicensed contractors being on your property.

Contact Division 9 Commercial Construction for a Commercial Remodel Estimate

Our firm specializes in commercial projects and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for commercial renovations. Contact our office at 800-991-4121 to schedule an appointment for a free quote. Our contractors can perform the remodeling process during a time when it will least impact your business and we will work with you on a custom remodel plan.