We Make Open Store Remodeling Easy

Remodeling a retail business is costly enough, let alone if you consider closing your doors while the remodel takes place. Depending on the extent of the commercial remodel, it may take weeks or even months for the total construction to be complete. Staying open while your store is being remodeled is important to keep the cash and customers flowing in. However, not just any contractors can perform an open store remodel. Thankfully, the skilled contractors at Division 9 Commercial Construction are experts in completing your commercial construction with minimal disruption to your ongoing business.

How Does Open Store Remodeling Work?

It is difficult to have contractors working inside the property during regular business hours. There may be loud noises, smells, or dust created while working that would be unpleasant for customers. Your open store remodel will take place during the evening or overnight hours, after your business is closed.

Our contractors at Division 9 Commercial Construction will clearly mark off all work areas and put-up tarps or containment barriers around the work area to protect your merchandise. This may include adjusting your HVAC system or vents in the work zone to prevent the dust from getting onto your products. If it is possible to do so, putting your merchandise away is the safest way to protect it from harm. However, in a large retail store, this may not be feasible.

Safety First

When doing an open store remodel, the safety of your customers and employees is of the utmost importance to Division 9 Commercial Construction. All work that is conducted will be communicated with the building manager every step of the way. Any overnight employees present in the building should be aware of where the construction zones are. These employees may need personal protective equipment if they will be entering the construction areas.

Division 9 Commercial Construction will also need a current copy of the site’s emergency plan. Knowing who to call or where to go in case of an emergency will help keep our contractors safe.

Contact Division 9 Commercial Construction at 800-991-4121 if you are interested in keeping your business open while conducting a remodel. Our contractors are always licensed and insured, and ready to complete your job in a timely fashion. We strive to complete your open store remodel with as little disruption to your business as possible.